Helping you hire remote Africa talent.

We help you hire top-quality talent from across Africa. Hybrid works help a lot of small businesses grow. We are here to ensure you get the alternative talent you need for your projects.

Helping to change the narrative for African developers

Africa has seen many tech hubs pop up for over 15 years. The pandemic increased the number of developers who prefer to freelance and have that freedom while earning. We want to be part of the conversation by providing our partners with talent from these competitive communities. Being economic migrants, our team has rich experience in what it takes in succeed in the tech space. Hybrid work can put some of the most talents in the global reach and create opportunities for many people while developing their communities.

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We test candidates for job-specific skills like coding or digital marketing and more general skills like critical thinking.

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We would love to hear from you regardless of the subject of the query. Even to say hi. We are open to partnerships and collaborations with like-minded people.

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